Some of the places to visit in the Isle of Wight

Some of the places to visit in the Isle of Wight


Barely 350 square kilometers - separated from Great Britain by the Solent Strait, a canal with a system of tides so particular that one of the assets of the success of the very close port of Southampton - are those that extend the Isle of Wight. It is famous since the times of Queen Victoria, and which continues to attract travelers. Its rustic British atmosphere where there is no lack of a resounding nature - in which animal species that have disappeared in the rest of the country like the red squirrel, the emblem of the island-, its regattas and the very famous festival that takes place every summer. To travel to the Attractions In Isle Of Wight is to do it to a fantastic place, ideal for enjoying a rest with family and friends, and there are plenty of reasons to escape to meet her. These that we propose are simply irresistible.

These are the Places To Visit In Isle Of Wight:

  1. Osborne House

It was the summer residence of Queen Victoria until her death, which had a place in this palace in 1901 (from 1903 to 1921, the palace was used as a teaching center for the Royal Navy).

It is one of the best sights in Isle Of Wight Places To Visit. You will not only be able to visit the dependencies of the palace but also its surroundings that include a greenhouse, the gardens, the princes' playhouse, and of course, the queen's private beach.

  1. The Needles Park

 It is a theme park located in Alum Bay. It is interesting to go down the cliff on chair lifts and thus access the beach. From there, you can enjoy a day at the beach and reach the Isle Of Wight Attractions The Needles by motorboat, a series of three chalk stacks that rise out of the sea off the western end of the island and are considered one of the natural wonders of southeast England.



  1. Shanklin

To get to this charming town on the east coast of the island, we had to take a bus with which we can cross the entire interior of the island, and we could see that it was a quiet rural environment with many cottages. We can have an exquisite fish & chip dinner at a family restaurant, and you can see the Carnival parade that had nothing to do with you. Still, it was very fun to see the festive atmosphere that was breathed, especially for the number of festivals that were. The town has two beaches - Small Hope Beach, where there is a small café, and the larger Hope Beach with tourist attractions.  There are Hotels In Isle Of Wight to eat, which are placed nearby to it.

  1. A walk through Newport

The capital of the island is this city that is located inside it. Nearby is the Carisbrooke Castle. It is a fortress that dates back to Roman times and where Princess Beatrice, daughter of Queen Victoria, lived. The most outstanding monument in the city is the Santo Tomás church. Best Hotels In Isle Of Wight can be found near it.